We have made all attempts to make our website user friendly and simple to use. However, in case of any assistance with respect to any aspect / feature of the site, please refer to the tips below or call / mail us and we will get back to you as promptly as possible
The site offers creative and news reference through   Press,  TV,  Radio  Ads  and   News Clips.  These can be sourced through 3 models   -    Subscription, Adhoc and Packages
1) Subscription - comes to use for categories which need to be referred to on an ongoing basis. It comes at a fixed cost irrespective of the number of number of ads / news clips in the categories subscribed for. It offers the following features for existing and new users -
Existing subscription users - can view / access their data through a dedicated subscription page. The user enters the page after putting the respective code given by us

New users - can enter the subscription page after due registration. The page offers the format to fill details of categories / contents / medium / periodicity to start new subscription
2) Adhoc - comes to use for one-off requirements for new business pitches / competitive reviews etc. It is offered through various options on the home page starting from a view and feel of overall data, to categorywise data, going upto extensive search oriented data.
View and feel of overall data - can be viewed / accessed as per medium desired i.e. Press Ads, TV Commercials, Radio Spots, News Clips under 'Archives'. It opens to 50 latest ads across random categories

Categorywise data - can be viewed / accessed through the categories listed under 'Categories'. It opens to 50 latest print ads pertaining to that category. The page offers the option to select TVCs, Radio spots, News clips if required

Search oriented data - can be viewed / accessed through 2 options - Adhoc Services option under 'Services' and 'Search' option in the left panel. Both options open to the same search page
3) Packages - come to use for various purposes and are cost effective. New packages are released every month across mediums on different product categories / brands / themes
Other offerings include products and services under the 'Customised' head as per below......
1) Adtrack - supported by sample preview and is self explanatory
2) Industry Snapshot - supported by sample preview and is self explanatory
3) Events & Interviews